Shih poo puppies and Maltipoo puppies for sale

Shih-poo puppies and Maltipoo puppies for Sale
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Portable Puppy Playpens

When you bring your puppy home it will need to eat, drink and rest. Be sure to have news
papers and Wee-wee pads spred out on one end with bed, food and water at​ the other end. 

Any trip can cause stress when they leave their home to a strange place. It's important that
they will be in a small area so they can find their food because they are nibblers. This means
they eat often and don't eat much at one time. Your puppy will eat less because they are in a
strange place and miss the litter mates. It's important that you disolve syrup in their drinking
water. I use plain pancake syrup without butter. Use this at least for the first 2 weeks. to stop
hypoglycemia or Low Blood sugar feeding suplement Ceasar Puppy Lamb and rice.
This is what we weaned your baby with. Also Purina Pro Plan kibbles for Teacup puppies.
Toy puppies will be on the standard Purina Pro Plan Chicken and Rice Small breed Puppy food.

Leave your puppy in the Puppy playpen with the gate closed for 5 days except for short play
periods. After 5 days open the gate and walk away letting the puppy explore how to come out.
Leave the gate open so your puppy can come and go. If you want a Potty station in another room
you may also use a crate with a potty pad in it. Putting the puppy in there and walk away with
out calling or talking to him or playing with him will distract your puppy from using the potty.  
Teacup Puppy food Purina Proplan Focus, Small breed puppy, bite sized kibbles @ www.chewy,com


Low blood sugar can occur without warning when a puppy goes to a new home, with
new suroundings and misses a meal, becomes chilled overtired or exhausted from
too much handling or playing. Teacup puppies are more likely to develop hypoglycemia
because they have less ability to store and mobilize glucose. 

The signs and symptoms of hypoglycemia include depression, lethargy, glassy eyes, 
weakness, unsteady walk, seizures, nervousness, tremors. In severe cases the puppy may 
become unconscious or comatose which can lead to death if not treated immediately. 

If your puppy shows any of the signs above, give a small amount of white Karo 
syrup (½ teaspoon). If puppy is unconscious, rub white Karo syrup on gums.

Warm puppy on heating pad. Your Puppy should respond within 5 to 10 minutes.
If puppy responds, follow up with some softened puppy food or Ceasar puppy food.

You should take puppy to your vet so that he can make sure sugar level is normal and do a 
fecal to check for coccidia or other intestinal parasites. Coccidia can be caused from a longer

trip home. We ask you to limit the time to 5-6 hours a day stopping for water, rest and potty.

​               You will need to show your vet your pup’s shot record we gave you so he can record
what shots and wormings pup has had up to date. Your vet will go over when it is time
for the next puppy's shots.

We want you to know that we are still concerned about your baby so if an occasion 
arrises you have a question feel free to call me before you make a trip to the vet.
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